Tuesday 11 February 2014

Spirit and Dust (Goodnight Family #2) by Rosemary Clement-Moore


Date released: 16th June 2013 (First published 14th May 2013)
Pages: 384
Author: Rosemary Clement-Moore
Blurb: Daisy Goodnight can speak to the dead. It’s not the result of a head injury or some near-death experience. She was just born that way. And she’s really good at it. Good enough to help the police solve the occasional homicide.

But helping the local authorities clear cold cases is one thing. Being whisked out of chemistry class by the FBI and flown to the scene of a murder/kidnapping in Minnesota? That’s the real deal.

Before the promotion can go to Daisy’s head, she’s up to her neck in trouble. The spirits are talking, and they’re terrified. There’s a real living girl in danger. And when Daisy is kidnapped by a crime boss with no scruples about using magic—and Daisy—to get what he wants, it looks like hers is the next soul on the line

*Won this book in a giveaway on goodreads.com issued by totallyrandombooks*

Spirit and Dust had everything I need in a good book; the witty and likable main character Daisy Goodnight, a genius love interest and a fascinating mystery.

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