Review Policy

Review Policy:

We would be very flattered if we were asked to review books from authors or publishers. We would accept any copy - paperback, PDF or kindle (must be acceptable for a UK kindle though).

We can't always guarantee that we will accept your review requests, as the book may not interest us or we may not have time to read it as we have a very big TBR pile of books at the moment! Unfortunately, just because we agree to review a book, this does not always mean that we will definitely be able to, as we are both very busy and something may come up.

Genres we will review: 

Any young adult - science fiction, paranormal, fantasy, mystery, contemporary, ect.
Maybe new adult, as long as it isn't too explicit.

Genres we will not review:

Any non-fiction, or heavily religious books.

Sorry, but these genres do not interest us, so we would probably end up giving them negative reviews if we ever did read them.

Included in our reviews:
  • Date the book was released.
  • Number of pages.
  • Blurb.
  • A link to the book on Goodreads.
  • A rating out of 5.
  • An honest review of our opinions (may include a few negative things if there are any, but nothing malicious)!
If you want us to include anything else (for example, a link to the authors page) just ask, and we will try to add that as well.

Time frame:

We always try to read and review a book in around 3 weeks, however this is not a definite, and we may take longer.
We aim to finish all books that we agree to review, but if we simply do not enjoy the book then we may not finish it.

Still want us to review your book?

Request a review at: 

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